Rich Chvotkin
Rich Chvotkin was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania and came to Washington D.C in 1972 to work as a psychologist at Walter Reed Army Hospital. In the 1973-74 season Chvotkin attended some Georgetown Hoya basketball games and saw they did not have any radio play by play. Having done play by play in college at the University of Scranton, Chvotkin approached Fran Connors, who was then the Sports Information Director, and made a few tapes sitting up in the stands with a tape recorder. He gave the tapes to John Thompson who liked them, and history began.  After WAVA-FM passed on a chance to broadcast the games, a small station known as WOOK-AM picked up the Hoyas in the fall of 1974 with its new voice.

Chvotkin's untiring passion and commitment to Georgetown basketball is well known, from the extensive travel in the early years to having broadcast 16 straight Big East tournaments in their entirety back to Washington--whether Georgetown was playing or not. He's also somewhat unique among broadcasters in that he has been announcing games solo--without an analyst-- since 1986.  He has broadcast nearly half of the entire history of games in Georgetown basketball (over 1,100 games).